Activities during the holidays


The Shine Bright Project

For young people 5 – 11 years.

  • activities for children living in Tendring aged 5 – 11 years, delivered in school holidaysThe workshops will provide an opportunity for children 5 – 11 years to build new life skills. To be active; To learn cookery skills and how to cook from scratch; an opportunity to work with a qualified chef as a positive peer mentor; To increase knowledge on healthy eating, using resources and advice from change for LIFE the project will promote Change 4 Life promotions such as tips on Sugar Swaps; reduced sugar and salt.Each workshop  is individually designed and all include children making a healthy lunch themselves and sitting together to enjoy it together. We aim to embed healthy life style changes and build new skills to improve wellbeing. We will be running our popular Cookery workshops with a qualified chef.


For parents living in Tendring

Support via staff or peer volunteer and may include, but is bespoke to need;

  • The assistance of another person, such as going along to an appointment/group to provide friendship, practical and emotional help.
  • Sign posting people to existing services in the community and helping and them to take part.
  • Providing encouragement, to empower families to achieve change.

A Star is used to gather information and together spend time with beneficiaries to identify areas in their life they want to build on.    Each star will have 10 headings on each point of the star, to include areas of wellbeing such as Physical health; Wellbeing; social networks; confidence; self-esteem; friends; home and money. On completion of a star individuals score areas of need, this is the first step to identify the areas in their life they may need help to improve.   An action plan follows to set realistic goals to achieve positive change in  wellbeing to take place.




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