Mentoring- Early Help -children one to one 5 – 11 yrs & groups 5 plus.


This Early Intervention Service reaches out to  young people when the early signs of emotional and physical distress appear.


Those being mentored find they need the dedicated support of another person to help them navigate their way through life and difficult circumstances.

Mentoring young people – Adult trained mentors with a variety of skills and experience are supported to match to young people to offer the assistance of a dedicated person. It could be to offer a listening ear, friendship or share experiences to enable a young person to upskill or make a vital change in their life.

Groups – Can offer both mentoring and coaching and can be designed to meet the needs of the parent or young person. Sessions are designed to reduce isolation, provide a platform to develop social skills, experience peer support and build new skills.

We also deliver My Club which is after school and school holiday activities that include building life skills!

The service will begin with a key worker visiting you at home, explaining the project and working with the parent or young person to design a bespoke offer of Early Help, which could include one-to-one mentoring for children and young people 8+,

 Mentoring service will support families across North East Essex quadrant Tendring and Colchester.

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